“Grounds for Promotion” – It Worked!

We aim to give our clients “Grounds for Promotion,” i.e. results to good that they’ll deserve a promotion at work.

And great news: It worked! A promotion at work occurred:

1. From our amazing dental/vision/orthodontic client, after working at her company and with us for a year, the Director of Marketing got offered a CMO position at a new company – we’d consider that a pretty solid promotion. Cheers, Jody!

We help them with ad strategy, AdWords, Bing Ads, display, SEO, local listings, conversion rate optimization, and analytics. Phew.

Dental Marketing Testimonial
Recent LinkedIn Recommendation from Our Dental Client

2. Also, we were honored to promote the Leadville Race Series using Facebook and display advertising. They put on the legendary Leadville 100 run and mountain bike events, among others.

Here’s what they had to say about our recent campaigns:
“Grounds for Promotion truly delivered for us across Facebook and display advertising. They not only helped us exceed our registration goals, they also provided insights that will be priceless for our future campaigns.”
– Courtney Touchstone, Marketing Manager Leadville Race Series

Fingers crossed that she’ll get a promotion as well.

And because visuals are always nice, here’s an example Facebook ad from our campaign:

Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Event Facebook Ad

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