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Boosting Leads and Site Traffic With Search Advertising

We achieved these results, with no increase in budget

Increase in Monthly Leads
Reduction in cost per lead
More site visitors from search
Geospatial Solutions for Surveying, Mapping & More

Advanced geospatial solutions to capture, manage and analyze high-precision data with efficiency and ease.

For generations, surveying and mapping professionals have looked to Trimble for the industry’s most trusted hardware and software solutions. Designed by and for surveyors, Trimble solutions help customers work faster, safer and more sustainably.

What they were up against:

Trimble needed an advertising agency that could quickly pivot to meet their evolving marketing goals. They also wanted to ensure they were making the most efficient use of their media spend.

They had two primary goals:

  1. Ramp up lead generation and route users to Trimble dealers
  2. Maximize website traffic to increase product awareness

How we helped:

Our team built and managed digital advertising campaigns and collaborated closely with Trimble to ensure we were meeting their distinct marketing goals by:

  • Implementing Google Search campaigns
  • Optimizing to specific marketing goals
  • Introducing Microsoft Search to the media mix
  • Maximizing the available media budget

Lots of things needed to work together.

If you’re into the nitty gritty, devour these details.

Launching Search on Google Ads

To start, we conducted thorough keyword research for each of the client’s key product categories. We then drafted ad copy that specifically addressed each product category and directed users to the most relevant product page on the client’s website. To track our performance, we set up and tested conversion tracking on the website.

Optimizing to Client Goals

With the client initially striving for lead generation, we optimized our campaigns to target users most likely to submit lead forms or reach out to Trimble dealers through the website. When the client pivoted towards a goal of maximizing traffic to the site, we reoptimized our campaigns to drive down cost-per-click (CPC), thereby generating more clicks from the same media budget. We also kept a close eye on website analytics to ensure we were still bringing quality, engaged traffic to the site.

Folding Microsoft Ads Into the Mix

After the marketing goal switched to maximizing traffic, we recommended adding Microsoft Search to our media mix. While Microsoft can’t compete with Google on available search volume, we generally see a lower CPC on Microsoft from the presence of less competition. Since implementing this platform, Microsoft Ads has seen a 30% lower CPC than Google, allowing us to greatly increase website traffic generation from our advertising.

Building Efficiency with Media Budget

Along with the introduction of Microsoft Ads, we made several optimizations to ensure we were making the most efficient use of media spend to hit marketing goals. Our efforts included homing in on the most effective keywords, testing ad copy variations, excluding irrelevant search terms, and testing bidding strategies.

The client was thrilled with the results.

green check mark
Lead volume increased
green check mark
Cost per lead decreased
green check mark
Click volume increased, leading to more site traffic
“The GFP team is always knowledgeable on the platforms, aligning easily with our goals – like what to optimize for, responding quickly, and providing accurate and insightful reporting. They have been working closely with Trimble for years, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business.”
Michael Dix
Michael Dix, Marketing Communications at Trimble

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