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Generating High Quality Leads at Scale Through Account Based Marketing
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Our work with Talking Talent achieved these results

Average Monthly Leads Generated in the Final 3 Months
Decrease in Cost per Lead Over the Life of the Campaign
About Talking Talent

On a mission to help organizations build inclusive and equitable cultures.

Talking Talent is a business management consultancy that coaches large corporations to build inclusive and equitable cultures. Whether it’s promoting safe, open communication, guiding talent through career-life transitions, or stepping up marginalized and under-represented groups into senior leadership positions, their customized coaching programs fuel success for your people and for your organization.

Talking creates a strategy based on specific needs or assessing current initiatives, right through to managing the back-end delivery and measuring success.

What they were up against:

Talking Talent saw low lead volume from their in previous advertising efforts. They also have a very specific target customer persona. Lastly, being established first in the UK, they had relatively low brand recognition in the USA. They had three primary goals:

  1. Increase the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs)
  2. Accurately reach highly targeted audience with a scalable approach
  3. Develop creative that effectively communicates their value proposition

How we helped:

We created an Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign that drove quality lead generation.  Our work included:

  • Developing messaging and image creative strategy and execution
  • Building highly targeted audience profiles
  • Creating LinkedIn campaigns designed to maximize lead generation
  • Localizing campaigns for the US and Europe


Lots of things needed to work together.

If you’re into the nitty gritty, devour these details.

Highly Targeted Audience Profiles

For our ads to be effective, we needed to ensure that we were hitting Talking Talent’s very specific target audience of HR, Learning & Development, and DEI leaders. To achieve this, we built custom audience segments with a third party ABM tool and combined this with first party job title and industry targeting in LinkedIn.

Creative Strategy and Design

After analyzing the objectives of the campaign, we created messaging and image ad creatives designed to speak to prospective clients for each of Talking Talent’s core product offerings. These creatives were built with a strategic, consistent foundation to ensure all future ads would be consistent with brand messaging.

Campaigns Designed to Maximize Lead Generation

With targeting and creative in place, we built LinkedIn campaigns optimized towards completions of lead forms. We then leveraged downloadable eBooks specific to each product offering as lead magnets.

Localized Campaigns for the US and Europe

Based in the UK, Talking Talent is a global company with 100+ global clients. In order to effectively advertise to all audiences, we created two campaigns. One was focused in the US and the other in Europe, with ads localized to the two regions.

The client was thrilled with the results.

Lead generation has well outperformed previous advertising efforts and continues to see steady, significant growth.
Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads
Steady decrease in cost per lead
Leads consisted of contacts in high level positions at the right companies
Balance of leads from ABM target and prospecting audiences
“Grounds for Promotion served as a true extension to our team. They consistently delivered very high quality leads along with thoughtful strategic analysis, and they put in the time to learn our business.”
Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper, Global Senior Marketing Manager, Global Senior Marketing Manager at Talking Talent

You can celebrate incredible results too.

We’ll start by talking about what you’re up against, then we’ll
plan, build, and optimize a winning campaign.


We’ll start by understanding your goals and assessing your current setup, then design a strategy that blends a proven formula with captivating creative.


Once we have a plan, we’ll work with your creatives or ours to bring your campaign to life, with intentionality, down to the last detail.


After we launch, we’ll analyze performance and fine-tune to achieve optimal results, keeping you confidently in the know every step of the way.
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