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Online Advertising

Nothing feels more daunting than trying to navigate the uncertain waters of highly complex online ad platforms.

We’ll help you leverage pay-per-click, social media, and display advertising to drive quality leads and steady sales.


  • We are PPC masters with 17+ years in the trenches. We’re a Google Partner and hold every Google certification available: search, display, video, shopping, and apps.
  • We understand the unique complexities of digital marketing and know how to reach the right audience, create platform-specific ad formats, and run promotions that target, engage, and deliver.
  • We don’t do one-size-fits-all campaigns. Your campaign is customized for your business, whether that’s by geographic locations, product groups, or stages of the marketing funnel.
  • We do everything for you, from keyword research, ad text writing and testing, landing page optimization, account structuring, best-in-class reporting and transparency with full ROI information, optimization of bids, day of week, time of day, and more.
  • We charge based on the work that we do, not how much you spend. Because we’re big on trust, we want to be transparent about our fees and usually charge a flat fee based on the number of ad channels. When we say you should spend more on your ads, it’s because it’s true, not because we’ll make more money.

Campaign Strategy

If your goals feel fuzzy and your strategy
seems vague, we get it!

We’ll help you —

  • Set achievable goals based on an evaluation of your wants, your resources, and the market.
  • Dial in a strategy tailored to your product/service and your audience.
  • Adjust & fine-tune based on new data and feedback.

The result? Leads that flow and sales that soar.

Account-Based Marketing

It’s easy to feel stuck, wondering how to drive account expansion and engagement while putting the pedal to the metal on your B2B pipeline.

Analytics are built into our DNA, so we’ll look at everything. Our ABM strategists will help you focus time and resources on the right accounts and increase pipeline velocity and close rate of high-value deals.

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We’ll tailor a plan to help you with consulting and strategy, sales enablement, and marketing/advertising engagement that targets select accounts. That way, you can get unstuck, know which accounts to pursue and how to pursue them, and ultimately — celebrate incredible ROI.


Consulting/Strategic Alignment

  • Clarification of ABM objectives, strategic account selection, and marketing/sales alignment
  • Technical assessment and sourcing recommendations
  • Quick Start to Maturity Model (ABM step-by-step ramp-up process)

Sales Enablement

  • Orchestration of plays
  • Playbook and content development

Marketing/Advertising Engagement Targeting Select Accounts

  • Display and video ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Paid-search and paid-social with an ABM lens
  • Content creation and syndication across channels
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Integrate sales and marketing teams
  • Track and optimize marketing initiatives for performance and return


If creating an effective SEO strategy seems mystifying, you’re not alone.

Our SEO specialists will help create a clear strategy to increase your leads and sales by driving organic and referral traffic to your site and enhancing engagement once they arrive.

What you can expect
  • Audit your SEO to determine what should be fixed in what order and optimize your SEO going forward so you don’t miss any leads or sales.
  • Help you gain a competitive advantage through rock-solid organic rankings, something that new competitors can’t create overnight.
  • Create ongoing SEO campaigns to generate content and links that continue to improve your website traffic.
  • Lock in local SEO results by improving your website’s presence within directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and others, while ensuring your listings are owned by you, not a directory platform.


We use all data sources possible, especially paid search data, which is an excellent source of info about keyword effectiveness.

We pick our battles and uncover opportunities that can be implemented for short-term, medium-term, and long-term timelines to position you for maximum success.

We look at the full spectrum of ranking factors, not just the typical ones. For example, social signals, local SEO, and mobile friendliness are newer elements that we carefully examine.

We’re proud to have performed SEO in the Boulder/Denver area and further afield for,,,,, and many more.

Additional Services

Not sure what you need? We’re happy to help guide you. Our wide range of marketing services includes just about anything you need to grow your business.

It takes a village to make online marketing work, so we can help out across a number of areas to make you successful online:

  • Marketing and social media strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Company names, logos, and brand standards
  • Video production and editing
  • Marketing automation & HubSpot
  • Content development
  • Full websites, landing pages, and microsites
  • Analytics

Artificial Intelligence +
Human Brainpower = ROI

Say goodbye to digital marketers who are asleep at the wheel and lacking the experience and insight to navigate the nuanced space of the online world.

Our team specializes in the sophisticated art of strategizing, nurturing, analyzing, and fine-tuning digital marketing so the results exceed your expectations, every time.

We don’t sit back and ‘let it run.’ We carefully calibrate using the optimal blend of artificial and human intelligence to make sure your marketing is doing exactly what it’s supposed to — growing your business, making sales, and helping you reach the audience that needs what you’re offering.

Jonathan Seated in Office
Google Logo White

Get a Google guru.

Grounds for Promotion is a certified Google Partner. This means we meet Google's requirements for performance, ad spend, and have multiple team members who are Google Ads certified in search, display, video, and shopping, with annual recertifications.
“Grounds for Promotion is a smart, forward-thinking, customer-focused agency. They are consistently committed to their clients’ KPIs, and remain nimble by keeping an interest in adopting new features and strategies in a way that makes good business sense. Their passion for digital marketing is tangible and contagious, and I always look forward to my calls with them.”
Kelley Maloney
Kelley Maloney, Agency Account Manager, Google

Ready for a chat?

First, let’s make sure we’re a good fit. We consistently help established businesses (not fresh startups) that need more fuel added to the fire. We specialize in driving leads/phone calls/chats/sign-ups for B2B/B2C, but not eCommerce sales. Our clients spend $5k+ per month to get results.
When you’re ready, here’s what you can expect:
icon to represent planning


We’ll start by understanding your goals and assessing your current setup, then design a strategy that blends a proven formula with captivating creative.
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Once we have a plan, we’ll work with your creatives or ours to bring your campaign to life, with intentionality, down to the last detail.
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After we launch, we’ll analyze performance and fine-tune to achieve optimal results, keeping you confidently in the know every step of the way.
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