We Had One of the Top 50 Advertising Ideas in Colorado

It’s great to start 2024 with GFP being awarded as has having had one of the state’s top 50 ad ideas in 2023.


Client: The Postman’s Knock, is on a mission to teach the world how to create stunning calligraphy and watercolor art. But how do you compete in a right click, voice activated, AI generated world? By not losing sight of the fact that, for those creating this very personal form of art, the process is the product.

Who gave the award: Ad Club Colorado, established in 1891 as the first advertising club in the country, picked the top 50 advertising ideas as announced at their annual awards celebration event, The Fifty.


(Don’t miss “How Did We Do It?” at the bottom.)


Glimpses of what we created

Write so…


Draw attention by…


The slower you write…


The board showing our award at the big show in Denver:

The Fifty Advertising Awards in Colorado

(Photo credit: Dave Blauvelt)


How Did We Do It?

This creative success came from mixing up just the right marketing ingredients:

  1. Have a great client who cares and is selling something that makes the world a better place, in this case calligraphy lessons that bring joy, satisfaction, and relaxation
  2. Have a great technical account/project manager who can orchestrate all the moving pieces
  3. Add overall direction from an experienced account director
  4. Have a track record in the industry and know who’s great at what they do
  5. Work with talented specialists with these skills, generally in this order: strategy, media planning, creative direction, copywriting, videography, calligraphy, and design
  6. Have some patience
  7. And viola, award winning creative


Of course that’s just the beginning. Now we’re in the phase of ramping up the campaigns on social media, which is a whole different animal:

  1. Media planning
  2. Vendor outreach
  3. Tracking implementation: pixels, CRM, website analytics to get revenue tracking and attribution accurate
  4. Troubleshooting tracking and making improvements after launch
  5. Reporting set-up
  6. Directing client on backend changes
  7. Collaborating with client on landing page changes and offer tweaks
  8. Optimize, optimize, optimize including more A/B tests than you can shake a stick at
  9. Weekly reporting meetings with the client to collaborate further and refine the steps above

And the campaigns are off to a great start, with very positive ROAS.

It’s a lot of work, but the reward for hard work is more hard work, and we find it very rewarding to overcome challenges and be helpful.

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