Social Media Advertising

Going Where the People Are

Social media is where the people are and where the conversations are occurring, so the advertisers must follow. Furthermore, the major social channels have built their own walled gardens that require ad channel specific knowledge to properly execute. In other words, you can’t simply buy ads on one platform that go across Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube – each has its own ad platform.


We use social media advertising strategically for our clients to

  • Drive awareness and engagement
  • Nurture prospects down the funnel
  • Re-engage past purchasers to buy again


How we can reach the right audience

  • Email address or phone number: we leverage your customer or prospects lists to show only those people ads
  • Interests, gender, geography, household income, parental status
  • Company name, co size, industry, job title, seniority, education, skills, groups, age
  • Retargeting website visitors or people who engaged with your ads
  • Look-alikes of attractive audiences such as customers
  • Contextual such as on a site about bike racing for a bike race
  • Behavioral: based on sites visited such as travel, we can sell


Ad formats

  • Image+text
  • Lead form
  • Video and more



  • Giveaways that give you additional entries you for sharing or following
  • Contests
  • Sales or other offers