SEO – Search Engine Optimization

An Extensive SEO Track Record for Boulder, Denver & National Companies

We’ve performed SEO in the Boulder/Denver area and further afield for,,,, and many more. We have many years of experience and do custom projects for each client to meet their business goals.


  • Increase leads and sales by driving more organic and referral traffic to your site and engaging it better once it has arrived
  • Improved web content and user experience
  • Competitive advantage: good organic rankings are something that new competitors can’t create overnight


  • SEO audits: figure out what should be fixed and in what order, and set your SEO strategy going forward
  • New website or website relaunch SEO support
  • Ongoing SEO: creation of SEO campaigns to generate content and links that will improve your website traffic along with reporting and analysis
  • Local directories management: managing Google My Business, Yelp, and many other directories in a way where your listings are owned by you, not by a directory platform
  • Local SEO: improving your local presence on your website, within directories like Google My Business and via link building to rock your results

What Makes Us Different

  • Deep expertise: we’ve done SEO for years, have attended the SEO Conference MozCon in two recent years, and go to SEO meetups often to know what’s going to work for you
  • Creative + Technical: We address both aspects of SEO
  • We deliver custom projects that focus on your needs such as content, relaunches, or technical issues
  • Strategy: We take a strategic approach to our work, not merely following a checklist, but putting thought into your audiences, offerings, and opportunities

Our Approach

  • Use all the data sources possible, especially paid search data, which is an excellent source of info about keyword effectiveness

  • Picking our battles: We uncover the opportunities that acn actually be done on a short term, medium term, and long term basis so that you’re positioned for maximum success.

  • Looking at the full universe of ranking factors. For example, social signals, local SEO, and mobile friendliness are newer factors that we carefully examine.

Example of a successful SEO Project for a Denver firm.