Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We Are PPC Masters

We’ve been doing PPC since 2003. Yes, that’s 17+ years in the trenches with PPC in the Boulder/Denver area, so we feel comfortable saying that we’re some of the best at helping you exceed your business goals and objectives.

We’re one of an elite group of Google Premier Partners and hold every Google Certification available:

  • Search
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping
  • Google Analytics


One Campaign Does Not Fit All

We customize our campaigns around your business, whether that’s by:

  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Product groups
  • Stages of the marketing funnel



We’re all about trust and long term relationships, so we

  • Show you all the data that you want, and we’re 100% transparent about the work that we do to make your account sing
  • Let you own your PPC accounts if you decide you’d like to change agencies or move the work in-house



  • Keyword research
  • Ad text writing and testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Account structuring
  • Best in class reporting and transparency with full ROI information
  • Optimization of bids, day of week, time of day, and many other elements


Non-Siloed Strategy

  • We look beyond PPC for learnings from organic keywords, and conversely, we help your SEO effort by learning from PPC to understand what keywords to target organically
  • We try to save you money by advertising on only the best keywords to maximize ROI


Unique Fee Structure

Because we’re big on trust, we want to be transparent about our fees and charge you based on the work that we do, not how much you spend. So we usually charge a flat fee based on the number of ad channels. That way when we say that you should spend more on your ads, it’s not because we will make more money, it’s because it’s true.

Additional Digital Advertising Services