Display Advertising

Web Advertising Outside of Facebook, Google and LinkedIn

Display, or banner advertising can help you drive:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Website traffic
  • Conversions/Leads/Sales


Stages of the funnel to use display:

  • Prospecting: Find the right audience based on
    • Third party behavioral data such as people shopping for travel
    • Target the right websites either contextually, through ad networks, or through direct publisher buys
  • Nurturing: Make an offer to get past website visitors or email prospects to come back and buy
  • Re-engage past customers for cross-sell or re-sell


Targeting Capabilities

  • Physical addresses: we can use your postal mailing lists to target specific households
  • Email address: we can use your email lists to target specific sets of people
  • Contextual browsing: websites related to your product or service
  • Specific websites: either direct publisher buys or buying on multiple sites at once through an ad network
  • Data on age, gender, interests, geography, income, interests and many other data segments