Analytics & Reporting

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Other Tracking

Effective analytics is the key to effective decision making. That’s why we put extensive effort into effective Tracking, Analysis and Reporting across these platforms:

Google Analytics/AdWords/Tag Manager

  • We’re certified in Google Analytics (GA)
  • GA is free and can be your hub for all your website engagement and conversion data, and it can share data with Google AdWords
  • In certain circumstances, we’ll also use native Google AdWords tracking
  • We’re also big fans of Google Tag Manager to streamline adding tracking codes to your website/s

Facebook Pixel

  • Facebook is often the second most important ad platform after Google AdWords, so it’s essential to get conversion tracking installed properly to track engagement and conversion.
  • We can help you install and set-up your Facebook pixel

Call Tracking

  • If driving calls is important to your business, you’ll want to use a call tracking system to enable attribution
  • We will recommend the right call tracking platform for your budget
  • In most circumstances, we’ll maximize the impact of call data by making it available in other reporting platforms such as Google Analytics

Other Tracking

  • Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Display (banner) advertising
  • Mobile App use and installs
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud


Complete and insightful reporting can make or break your campaign. Reports both help you and Grounds for Promotion understand what’s working so that we can improve your results. That’s why we use the best in class reporting platform to aggregate all the data from various marketing channels into one, comprehensive report.

Furthermore, we are fully transparent about the work that we’re doing on your campaigns, and that transparency starts with clear reporting.