Why Snapchat?

  • It reaches 40% of 18-35 year olds daily.
  • 77% of users are 18+
  • It works, people pay attention instead of tv ads


Snapchat Tips
– Influencer marketing: they have creative storytelling skills. Use Account takeovers.

– Snapchat is not Facebook, you can’t overtly sell, you need to be creative.

– Create content at scale: work with influencers or employees.

– Use Facebook and Instagram ads to get followers on Snapchat.

– Geofilters: reach local people, it helps others create branded content for you.

– Location based advertising.

– Do a good story once a week with a beginning, middle, and end with CTA. Keep stories at 2-3 mins, don’t recycle content across FB, Insta, Snapchat stories. Use emojis and features on each platform.

– Go behind the scenes or into your location. Show your company culture. Experiment with spectacles.

– Run flash sales. Use coupon codes or bit.ly tracking URLs. E.g.

Snapchat Flash Sale Promo Example

Storytelling is the new content marketing. It should be fun, entertaining, and creative.