How to use the Snapchat Spectacles, what are they and how well do we like them? Read on in our full review.

With Snap, Inc. going public recently and their strong grip on the youth audience, it’ll be a huge advertising platform going forward, which means we want to stay on top of it.

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1. Unboxing and Set-Up of Snapchat Spectacles


2. How to Use and Testing Around the Office


3. Real-World Feedback From CU Student Josie

So there you have it, the Snapchat Spectacles. 🙂

In Summary:

  • They’re a lot of fun, well designed case, box, and cord
  • They’re fairly simple to use
  • At $129.99 they’re not going to get widely used
  • They’re a fun gimmick that helps the Snapchat brand and gives them feedback for future versions

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