“Tag You’re It! Track Your ROI with Google Tag Manager” presentation at Digital Summit Denver.
By Siobhan Lidon, FSC Interactive.

Define valuable actions. eCom example:
– Cold: visit product page
– Warm: add to cart
– Hot: complete purchase

– Better data
– Less lead time
– Less dev time and cost

How to use GTM
– Use Preview mode button in top right to test before publishing
– It’s easy to miss the Submit button, people miss it all the time

– Variable
– Trigger
– Tag

– Tag configuration
– Trigger: when a button is clicked, GTM click. Wil only trigger when button is clicked only when landing page A has been visited.
– Test your work using the Preview tool. It will tell you tags fired on this page.
– GA go to Admin and Goals, create custom goal. Keep your naming convention the same. Event type for example for a button click. Set event conditions: category, value, label, etc.
– Publish/submit your new version
– Go into GA Real Time Report to see if it’s tracking

Tips and Tricks in GTM
– Configure all variables – click all of the boxes
– Configure GA settings
– Create click listener

Review and learn:
– Top Conversion paths
– Funnel visualization: but only works with page view conversions, not events
– Attribution models