By Ashley Crowder of Vntna
@vntnalive @acrowder33.

AR/VR will be an $80 billion industry by 2025.

Types of AR

1. Phone:
– Marker based
– Pokemon GO. It was social.

2. Headset: Hololens

3. Hologram: this is what they specialize in. This drives an experience. They did a Nike uniform unveiling using this.

Experiential Marketing
This is growing fast. Events are the best place to start.

How to get started on mobile AR at events
– Facebook plus Twilio texting to gather mobile number. Selfie. Take-home item like photo booth pic or Red bull can holder.
– Headset: but limited to how many headsets
– Holograms: E.g., Lexus sponsored game to spin ball on finger. Lead gen, email and zip sent to local dealers. Plus user generated content. With CRM sync and all view metrics.
AR Hologram Promo Example Lexus

Other benefits:
– Press since it’s so new

Nickelodeon Use Case Results:
Nickelodeon AR VR Use Case Results

Holograms are replacing LED walls.

Challenge: people have to download an app on phone. But with Apple AR Kit, it’ll be quicker to build those experiences, and they’re working to have those open in browsers. Hologram experiences don’t require download.

Vntna is opening an API soon.