Digital Media Buyer & Account Manager

Are you ready to be challenged, do great work, and make clients happy? If so, we’re a fun and growing digital agency in Boulder that would like to get to know you.

Our mission is to lead amazing lives. Part of how we do that is through:

  • Adventure and learning: attending conferences, dedicated team education time to learn new techniques, testing new marketing efforts, at least 4 weeks vacation to do fun/adventurous things outside the office (after all, we live in CO for a reason), and company funding for outside education/experiences
  • Being sustainable: work/life balance in terms of working to our full potential but not overdoing it, company funded gym membership to stay healthy, low Co2 commuting options, helping with office recycling and composting, planting trees every month, financial security through good pay and 401k with 5% match, career advancement support, work with clients who are doing good for the world
  • Building healthy relationships: surround ourselves with great teammates, clients, and vendors, be trustworthy, and have enough time with our friends and family outside of work

In the end, these pillars lead us to be happy doing great work for satisfied clients, who, in turn, are helping the world.

We’re looking for a hard-working digital advertising manager to help us do great work. And while your experience matters, it’s who you are that matters most.

In this role you’ll do:

  • Digital media buying: Set-up, manage, and track digital ads across PPC, social, and display.
  • Account management: Meeting regularly with clients to do readouts. It’s a great position because you can work on digital advertising, connect closely with clients, and be exposed to other work types such as SEO, strategy, design, copywriting, development, and more.
  • Misc.: Help the team with various other support tasks as needed such as project management or other special project assistance.

We love our jobs helping clients though digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok, display, and more.

We’re looking to hire a full-time, salaried employee, with full benefits.

We’re looking for:
+ Analytical skills with data and spreadsheets, plus creativity and people skills
+ Ideally 2+ years of experience managing digital advertising
+ High GPA and test scores from school
+ Hard working, detail oriented, reliable, trustworthy, positive, good with people, and easy to get along with
+ Excited to work in downtown Boulder, as most work will be done in the office so that we can collaborate (we provide a free bus pass)

+ Up to 4 weeks paid time off during your first year, if you’re doing well
+ We’ll pay 75% of your gym or membership, up to $75/mo
+ 100% company paid health insurance
+ Professional ergonomic set-up at the office so that you’re feeling good
+ 9:30 am average daily start time, but flexible if you prefer to start earlier
+ Longer-term, potentially getting on the partner track, i.e. owning part of the company
+ IRA (like a 401k) with company matching
+ TBD once we go back into the office: Free bus pass from RTD to make your commute more relaxing and to save money
+ TBD once we go back into the office: We’re planning for three days in the office, two from home, with some flexibility here.

Why work at Grounds for Promotion?
Our goal is to help people lead amazing lives by delivering five star results and service. To do that, our mission is to run an amazing agency where our employees feel great by making our clients happy and doing meaningful work that keeps us engaged. Also, it means being rewarded financially, having a good work life balance, progressing in our careers, and feeling stoked about the team, clients, and achieving our goals.

If that sounds appealing to you, please with your resume and tell us that you came from our website and about a recent project you did that you’re proud of. Bonus points for your favorite spreadsheet formula.