Marketing Mentorship for High School or College Student

To promote equality and make the world a better place, we’re excited to mentor a high school or college level student to teach them more about the online marketing world and position them to get a great job down the road.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Age: Junior or senior in high school, or in college
  • Interests: Business and marketing
  • Location: Preference for those in the Denver Metro area, but meetings will be remote using Google Meet to ensure social distancing, so the person can be anywhere in the USA. We may move to outdoors, socially distant, in-person meetings down the road, so Denver Metro area is preferred. Preferably have access to a computer with webcam, or computer and phone with forward facing camera, but if you don’t have this, please let us know in your application and you’ll still be considered.
  • Meetings: Meeting roughly every two weeks online, we’ll determine where you’re at and do training, coaching, and likely assign homework as appropriate so that you can learn more about the industry and tactics, learn the terminology, and how to position yourself for your ideal online marketing job. This may change over time.
  • About you: Serious about having a bright future and willing to work hard, be coachable, and be reliable to make it happen
  • Topics:
    • We’ll customize what we talk about based on your age, experience, and interests
    • Teaching you what we do: the art and science finding new customers online
    • Potential learning areas: the different types of marketing jobs, how advertising works, SEO, analytics, how to deal with data, handle meetings, scheduling, communication and all the things that make a good business person
    • Advertising types: Google search, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, display
    • We’ll help with other life and career advice as needed, whatever is helpful including potentially connecting you to other specialists to learn more
  • Duration: If its a good fit, we may work with you for years to come
  • Value: You’ll be getting knowledge that’s valued at hundreds of dollars an hour for free. There’s some chance to transition to a paid internship if we have you start doing real work, but please don’t expect this.
  • Number of mentees: One position
  • How to apply: Email Jonathan at with
    • A letter telling us about your background
    • Why you’re interested in marketing, and if there are any particular areas that you’re most interested in, such as thinking up creative ideas, running ads on social media and Google, graphic design, writing the copy for ads, or something else, and it’s okay if you’re not sure yet.
    • Attach a resume and LinkedIn profile link if you have them
    • Let us know how you found this description
  • Timeline: We are currently accepting applications